How cool is this

calb_gardnerMay 25, 2013

We had so a few pollinating insects I let them make their home wherever they like

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tomatofreak(Z9 Phx USA)

Dirt-daubers? Doesn't look quite like a wasp nest. Btw, good for you; most people are so bug-a-phobic, they'd kill them. ;O)

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grant_in_arizona(USDA Z9 Scottsdale AZ)

Hah, so neat! I would have thought it was a wasp nest. Either way, like you, I'd totally welcome them. I really like wasps and bees etc., and have virtually no fear of them, although I do have a healthy respect. They're gardeners friends for sure. Thanks for posting the pic. Keep us posted! Happy gardening!

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Paper wasps?

they don't pollinate, but they do eat caterpillars.

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I don't know what they were they have long skinny yellow bodies. And they do sting I found that out the hard way. Eating caterpillars is good

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tomatofreak(Z9 Phx USA)

Yep, that is a wasp nest. Most likely paper wasps. If you find leaves in your yard with surgically cleancut holes, it's certain that they are. I'm like Grant; I live and let live as long as they don't pose a danger - as they would by building a nest in a porch light where you may need to change a bulb. If I need to reach into a plant and can't see if there's a nest there, I spray the area with a forceful stream of water. If the wasps fly out, I know there's a nest there. If you need to remove the nest, flood the area with water; wet wasps can't fly and fall to the ground. You can remove the nest and hope that they move on to another site to rebuild. No need for killer sprays.

Here is a link that might be useful: Good info on bees and wasps

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