musa basjoo

larry_joliet(5)March 12, 2007

I had gotten 4 plants thru the mail last spring and they didnt not grow very big during the season. So I had dug them up and put all 4 in different pots and tryed to give them as much sun as i could and give them water.

well, 2 of them so far have died, they would get brown around the middle of the stem , and then the plant would fall over and die. I dont know what happened to them?

The other 2 are still growing fine and and have got big over the winter. I am hoping that this does not happen to the other 2 that i have left.

well could someone please tell me what could have happened to them?


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fglavin(Knoxville, TN)

They rotted from too much water. If you bring banana plants inside your house or garage for the winter, you must cut back on watering significantly.

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i thought that i did cut back on the water, after i brought them inside. i do have 3 other banana plants that stay indoors all year.
i had brought the Basjoo inside cause they never grew that big, and when i have tryed to overwitner other plants in the past they had always died.
So i figured id over winter them in the house this year and see what happens this summer.
cause to tell the truth, im am bad at watering my plants indoors, if anything id think i dont water enough.but thanks for the responce

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laterita(7b Holland (dr))

This happens sometimes with bananas. Probably a fungus.
The plant has had some (unvisible) damage to the stem, a small crack by replanting can be enough, and a fungus could be developed into the stem.
If you cut the stem fast enough, below the brown spot, low enough to be fully green, you can save it otherwise it will surely die.
It happened last year to a French Horn at my place after moving.

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