Clearing Bamboo

brettland_2009April 30, 2009

How is bamboo, such as Sasa Kurilensis, uprooted and cleared? Any ideas as to how to clear it without it coming back?

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Hack it down low and keep mowing the site to starve it out. It will keep trying to send up new shoots each year until it exhausts itself (no sunlight = no food = no energy).

There are a lot of other methods, this is just he one I can remember reading about.

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that is one way for sure. The other is to get a rototiller and pull all the rhizomes out. I did this one several years ago.

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Just wondering if you still had any of the Bamboo you were trying to get rid of. I have golden Groove and i live in Ny myself, over by Buffalo, Ny. Just thought I'd ask, thanks

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