are there any banana that will fruit in the 1st season?

cohensa1(z6 MI)March 24, 2007

well, my basjoos and sik's are going to get uncovered this week and i have 10 new plants pushing out leaves in the house ready transplant next month. I love the cold tolerant plants, but i am getting tired of my friends asking me why i have no bananas.

Are there any bananas i can grow and see fruit in the first year?

My wife and i are just in the process of building a greenhouse, so i hope to grow more bananas this year, any thoughts on fruiting varieties would be great!

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Hello cohensa1,

Basically banana begins to fruit when 30-40 leaves are
seen, that means it depends on the weather conditions
where the plant is set. The warmer the weather, the sooner
the fruiting.
So usually 2 or 3 years are quite normal to wait for flowering of banana.
Even in a greenhouse, 1 year is too short to fruit.

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