dragon fruit.

calb_gardnerMay 11, 2012

My dragon fruit is getting big but there are to many arms sticking out the bottom...not like the ones I see on line with one main stalk clinging to a post and multi branches at the top.. can I cut off the bottom ones /dry and plant them? also has any one had luck gettine them to cling to the post? It seem to be leaning towards the sun..Should I move it into more sun I don't want it to get sun burnt..its in a hugs barrell with wheels

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euqruob(Phoenix, AZ)

Do not move it into more sun, they get burnt in summer here. Let the branches go where they will, I have one that is behind a mulberry tree in a planter, it has been grabbing itself up the walls of the house. My other ones are going to move soon to partial shade. I was just in Hawaii, and there was a lava wall behind my hotel, about 6 ft high and 30 ft long, completely covered with dragon fruit arms.

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I don't think it's necessary to trim the lower branches unless the trimmed up look is what you are after.
It's to the point now that if you're in the Phoenix area, the dragon fruit plants will start to get sun burned if they have a full days worth of sun. They would do better with morning and late afternoon sun OR a shadecloth (but most shadecloth offers TOO much shade and too much shade means less blooms, in theory).


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thanx for the info I will have to move it right now it is in full shade and reaching for the sun, I have a spot where it will get am and late pm sun I would like to cut a few extra arms off the bottom and start a few more plants do I treat it like a cacti??

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Yes, just let the cuttings sit a few days before replanting them.


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Thanx again. CB

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I'd like to get some cuttings from someone in the phoenix area. Top of my list is a yellow dragon fruit cutting. Thanks.

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What kind of soil are you guys using to plant the dragon fruit in? How does the plant do here? How long does it take to get fruit after starting a cutting.

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Dragon Fruit do well in the Phoenix area, but they need protection from the extreme sun in the summer and frost protection in the winter. Though, the more sun they get the better they bloom, so there's a fine line between just enough sun and too much sun. My DF are planted in my clay/sandy soil and do fine, but they'd prefer some compost/amended soil. Oh and they need support. As far as how long after planting that you start getting fruit, well that depends on a lot of things, how much sun light, how regularly they are fed, what varieties you have, are they self fertile or not, etc. I've been growing them for 10 years and finally got my FIRST fruit in 2012, but I don't baby them like I should. The freeze a few weeks ago did a lot of damage, even though they were protected, so we'll see what has survived when spring rolls around...


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I bought 5 cuttings from tropica mango 3 months ago. I put them in a pot and one sprouted right away from the top of one of the clippings the rest seem to be sprouting from soil. I'm going to keep them in a pot the first year and next year I'm going to put them around my willow tree they will get partial sun most of the day and as the branches move on the willow tree the sun will contact different parts of the dragon fruit. How much protection do they need in the winter?

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They will freeze if it get's below 32 degrees. I cover mine with sheets and put an incandescent bulb in with mine for warmth if it's going to be a bad freeze. I always like to take cuttings of each variety as soon as I can, start them in pots and then I can bring those in the house when it freezes. If the parent dies then I have a backup.


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