Tomato cuttings

ernie85017May 21, 2012

Since I am new to tomatoes and enjoying experimenting, I have some suckers rooting. What a great way to never buy seeds or plants again!

Is there a negative to rooting cuttings from successive plants year after year?

Those of you who do root, is this for Fall plants and overwintering? I am wondering how fast I can expect them to grow and what to do with them during the hot hot weather. Which, evidently, is here - in May.

Someone here (sorry your name has slipped my memory) told me that my broken plant would have a sucker take over. It surely did. While it grew the rest of the plant grew stocky and strong. The flowers on the new growth are bigger than any I have seen so far.

The killer heat yesterday took the same plant by surprise, or I should say the gardener, who had to be away for several hours. It drooped on the top. I watered asap and this morning that part looks wilted. Do I have to wait for another sucker to take over? aaaaaah

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Keep them in afternoon shade and they will take off when the weather cools off in September and give fruit until they die of frost.

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I have two tomato plants that I started from cuttings back in February or so. They are thriving as far as plant growth, but only one of them (the Celebrity -- the other is a Champion) is fruiting. I'm nonetheless very pleased with their progress; they are much healthier than the parent plants, and the Celebrity at least looks like it will give plenty of fruit. It's a fun experiment, and free to boot!

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