Arundinaria gigantea bamboo planting and care in MI

fernandovidalApril 19, 2008

Hello pros, I am a complete novice when it comes to gardening and recently purchased 6 bamboo rhizomes of the Arundinaria gigantea variety. I live in southeastern Michigan which can have fairly severe winters (zone 4 I think). I heard these are good for forming a hedge, so I've planted them about 6 feet apart about 5 inches deep in regular soil, patted firmly, and watered a lot. Beyond that, any advice from a bamboo expert? Watering regimen? Mulch? Miracle Grow? Peat moss? I checked with some alleged experts in a gardening store and they knew nothing about how to make bamboo flourish, so if there is someone with some sage advice on this lovely plant, I would be truly grateful! Thanks in advance!!

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chills71(Zone 6b Mi)

SouthEast Michigan is at worst zone 5. I'm in Southeast Mi and I'm firmly in zone 6 (many winters are zone 7)

I'd water, mulch and then wait. If you've already done that then just wiat to see what happens.

I didn't have great luck growing boo from rhizomes, I finally bought plants. If you're looking for a local vendor, let me know.


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kudzu9(Zone 8a - PNW)

It sounds like you're doing the right things. However, the previous poster is correct that it can be hard to grow from rhizome. I've been growing various species of bamboo for quite a few years and my success growing from fresh rhizome, carefully selected, ranges from 0-50%. Also bear in mind that, even if you are successful growing from rhizome, it will be at least 5 years before the bamboo gets as tall as you. That's why you might want to consider starting with actual plants.

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Well thank you both for the advice-- I guess I should have purchased plants rather than the rhizomes. I don't know where these fairy tales come from that proclaim bamboo just sprouting up into a forest overnight. Looks like it will be quite a few years before they'll be filming a sequel to Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon in my backyard... thanks again!

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We grow Arundinaria gigantea and sell the rhizomes. We transplant them each yr and they do grow very well here.In fact, they grow better than the actual plant.The ones we planted this spring ( april) are already over 10 feet tall.Our business sells these and we have never had a complaint that they didnt grow.We have had to replace the plants that died before they grew but never had to replace the rhizomes.They are hardier than most people think.

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