Best soil composition for banana growing

dave98052April 12, 2012

After seeing banana plants growing in various yards around Seattle I would like to grow them also. However, I live in a condo with several balconies and must grow them in containers. I have searched and searched for information on the best type of soil to use, but never see it mentioned. Can anyone knowledgeable in this please give me advice. Thanks for any and all help.

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mksmth zone 6b Tulsa Oklahoma(6b)

What kind of banana are you thinking about? I imagine youll need to grow a dwarf or super dwarf.

Honestly youll get so many different opinions that it will make your head spin. I only grow two types right now, musa basjoo and dwarf cavendish. My musa are all in ground and the mother cavendish is in a container of good ole miracle grow. Its been in this for about a year and I plan to re pot soon into Fafard 52.I recently started using Fafard 52 for my citrus, banana, plumeria, because I like how close it is to Al's 5.1.1 mix straight out of the bag. Here in oklahoma the heat is so intense during the summer that I need to have a soil that retains a good amount of water or my plants dry out almost daily but not too much in the winter since I have to bring them in. The thing about banana is during the growing season I have found that you cant water them too much so any good potting soil should be fine. What you have to worry about is what you plan to do this winter.

Fafard 3b, 52, nursery mix are all good bagged soils, John Deere landscapes around Seattle should have one of those or any of their "heavy weight" mixes

Miracle grow with extra added perlite should be just fine, just please dont use the "moisture control".

Al's 5.1.1 would be good if you want to make your own, not sure I would use his gritty mix though


Here is a link that might be useful: Fafard

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Randy31513(Georgia 8b)

I use the miracle grow potting mix all of the time for other things. I followed the nursery suggestion to mix in a lot of Black Kow when I planted my bananas but Thinking back, a miracle grow would have been good to for new bananas.

I will check out the Fafard. Never heard of that before.

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