Bunch cover protector bag ideas

johngrewApril 8, 2013

I have just started banana growing and my plants (Dwarf Cavendish) are starting to form some good bunches.
Just wondering about what people use for bunch cover protector bags.
I know you can buy specialised bags that tie at the top and are open at the bottom,
but not sure where to get them cheaply in my area.
Does anyone just use plain simple bags you could get from the supermarket, or something else readily available ?
We have lots of large animal pests here, like possums, bats and brush turkeys.

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soaht(Central CA 9B)

You can try the bags for oranges. The one they use for bagging oranges for sale with nets not the plastic bags, the large ones not those small 5 lb(2.7 kg?) bag. Or you can simply just sew your own from maybe window screen or netting materials.

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OK thanks soaht,
I might try sewing a bag from some old shade cloth I have.

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