How to grow bamboo from seed?

lindakay(zone 5)April 17, 2006

I got some bamboo seeds from e-bay and now I wonder if anybody has ever grown them from seed and how did they do it. Linda

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Bamboo is easy from seed if the seed is fresh enough. But be prepared to lose alot of the weak ones. The strong shall inherit the earth.

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We recently bought a lot of P. aurea and P. pubescens seed.
I soaked them for 2 days in water, then planted 1 each in a #7 peat pot filled with Miracle Grow Garden Soil for Trees and Shrubs. I planted them by spearing them right down into the center of the pot, until the tip was just barely covered with soil. I watered them well, and set the peat pots in a plastic container, to which I added water each day to keep about 1 inch of water on the peat pots. I put them in our plant shed, where we have flourescent grow lights on a timer (12 on/12 off) and a radiator heater, to keep the shed at about 85 degrees F.

After about a week and a half, they started to sprout, every day a few more, and I now have about 120 out of 160 seeds planted. But let me give you a sad warning - if you are planting more than one kind, label them, lol.

I doubt if all the stuff I did was necessary, but we already had the lights and heat on in the shed, because we overwinter our large plants there.

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Hi, I came across the same question. I bought 300 Bamboo seeds on eBay. Now I do not know what to do with it. What is #7 peat pot? What is the dimention of the pot?

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webgator(9 FL)

I made some very easy to follow directions and pics and put them on my website.

Here is a link that might be useful: Bamboo Seed Germination

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