who ate my mesquite?

xoxosMay 15, 2012

i had a beautiful yearling mesquite that i deigned to plant Outside The Fence. the next day i found it cut through the trunk evenly about 2" from the ground.

i'm in a fairly unique circumstance as i have stalkers who have damaged my property for several years and so forth. they have spray painted my house and pulled plants out of the ground before. when one is harassed over duration the key is to not attribute everything that goes wrong to your stalkers, or they start to gain power exponentially.

we do have javelinas here, and i've seen them eat some things, but.. a mesquite branch? trunk was about 3/8" thick.

the cut was quite even so it would either have been a tool or a wide tooth. there are no deer or anything larger than the javelinas here.

does anyone have some insight into javelina diet that can verify this for me? thank you :/

then, i will have to do all of my planting at night.

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Do you have pictures of the damaged trunk?

It sounds like pruning loppers, not javelina. They do a lot of rooting and gnawing on things, but they aren't tidy.

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Pagancat(Phoenix, AZ)

Yeah.... I'd kind of expect to be able to see other things around there - hoof prints, other trampled plants, maybe some droppings or something? And a clean break is kinda strange.

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whoever cut it went back and cut it again. now i doubt it was foraging because i cannot imagine many creatures craving 1 1/2" of mesquite branch.

the first cut was horizontal, and quite perfect in that there were no tears in the bark. this cut is incised, but the direction to me looks as if it was cut with a single edged implement, eg. a pocket knife, as if they had to make the cut in steps. i surmise that if it were an animal, tooth mark grooves would run in the direction of the cut.

javelinas do frequent the area, and i've seen more succulent stems broken with a more chewed appearance, so at this point i think i will conclude it is a human varmint (which allows me to plant again pending i can dissuade the sociopaths).

>> Goats?
lol, could be. my stalkers are freemasons. i do realise anyone who's watched much t.v. is recalling their favourite comedians with a piece of tinfoil molded over their skull at this point.

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Pagancat(Phoenix, AZ)

Idgits. Maybe some jumping cholla next time....

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tomatofreak(Z9 Phx USA)

I think I'd plant inside my fence from now on. I have a first class idiot across the street from me and I'd never in a million years give him access to anything important to me.

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