garden swing

letsharmonize(USDA 5/2B Western)May 19, 2013

okay ... dumb question probably ... but here goes ...

what is the advantage or reason to use a compression spring on a garden swing? just for a little bounce when you sit down?

there it is ... :)

here's another one ... should i mover the chains closer on my frame?

last one .. have any of you made your own garden swing canopy? my used frame isn't set up for a canopy, so i'm looking at ways to make one, cheaply. perhaps with aluminum rods and a rectangular vinyl tablecloth. it has to hold up to our winds up here.

thanks again, neighbors!

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MaryMcP Zone 8b - Phx AZ

The compression springs allows it to give a bit when you sit down, especially if you happen to land hard/off balance. This will sometimes happen if you have an adult beverage in hand. ;-)

Instead of attaching the canopy, you could just use an umbrella strategically placed.

But hey - if this is too much trouble you could just give the swing to me, I love it!!!!

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Love the swing!
Xnay the table cloth it will just tear from the wind no matter what you do. I go throught one tarp every year coving our tow vehicle.
I like the umbrella. You can even buy one of those hugh market ones. Move it with the sun.
Agree with marymcp, can I be second in line for the inheritence, just in case she changes her mind about the swing.

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letsharmonize(USDA 5/2B Western)

thank you, mary and campv for your comments. lol i'll keep you in mind when i prepare my will. i have decided that if the mountain won't come to Mohammad; Mohammad etc etc. see photo! it is nice to sit under the trees, however there are lots of droppings (animal and vegetable) to deal with. nuttin's perfect, right?

by the way, i bought the swing from someone cleaning out a storage unit (it needs scraping and repainting), and the frame from someone else, who used it to hang clothes at garage sales! i just LOVE picking up treasures like this!

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MaryMcP Zone 8b - Phx AZ

Score!! I love a bargin.

Re: the litter, we have that too with all our trees. Just keep an old sheet out there and cover it up when you're away. That adds an uglieness factor to the general yard look though. Nuttin's perfect, right?

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That looks like a nice place to day dream!

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