Best Screening Bamboo for Zone 10

Venice_chefApril 17, 2011

I need a tall bamboo screen for my backyard in Venice, CA. It's zone 10. I am considering either Oldham Bamboo or "Seabreeze Bamboo" (Bambusa malingensis). I want something clumping so it won't spread too much. Does anyone have opinions about these two species or alternatives they prefer? Thanks.

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I have Bambusa oldhamii, and I can tell you that it's not a real fan of lots of wind. It gets a fair amount of leaf damage. So I'd pick Seabreeze, in this case.

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Seabreeze survived Hurricane Wilma at my old zone 10b garden. If I remember right, the leaves dried out but all the plants came back, no problems. I've since ripped them out of the ground and transported to my new zone 9a garden, where they survived with no issues some freeze into the high 20s just months after transplant. I've got a line about 125 ft along the back which I divided in Feb this year. Using it as barrier on most all sides of property eventually. Actually I'll be growing a double line, creating a bamboo tunnel of about 300 ft along the perimeter of the property. Spreading is not a problem at all. I've been grown it for years. I do keep it about 5 feet off the fence though mostly so I can take divisions.

I've also oldhamii but use that more sparingly. If you don't need the height of oldhamii, I'd go with Seabreeze. It is a very beautiful & forgiving & cooperative bamboo. I think I will marry it.

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