Need bamboo tips & starts

dbinwvApril 2, 2013

Hi everybody:

I'm new to here so please be patient if I'm violating any protocols here.

My peaceful valley will soon be overrun with trucks doing gas well work. I'm interested in creating a bambo screen to help keep out some of the noise, dust and lights.

If anyhone can please give me tips on a good vairiety that will grow quickly, tall and withstand snow load that would be great. If anyone would also share any starts that would be even better.

My planting can over time grow to a fairly wide bed, perhaps 25 to 30 feet wide. I was also wondering if I would have to sink any poles into t he ground to help support or if recommended varieties can be self supporting enough to shrug off wet snow/ice loads.

Anyone can respond directly to:


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If you happen to be in WV, there are a few bamboo collectors fairly close to you where you might be able to drive a reasonable distance and take divisions on your own.

Check out the bamboowebforums at

and you might be able to get someone close enough to spare at least some rhizomes.

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