danglesApril 20, 2013

donna u asked about seeds from party plus I pollinated 6 flowers got 2 very small pods and a total of 6 seeds 3 in each pod only 2 seeds germinated and both are doing well I hope they turn out to be something special regards and happy growing this flower is only small about 2 inches across maybe next flowering it will be bigger

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Danny, Were your seedpods on Party Plus a self or were they a cross. I guess I'll just keep trying maybe I'll luck out one time like you did!

I am assuming that Maguire's Party varieties are all siblings where they look so very similar..I think there are a few more also, do you have any others.

I wonder why they are all so difficult to set seeds. I have a Party Pooper that should bloom in the next few months and perhaps I will put papilio on it as this is the first time I have papilio pollen when Party Pooper is blooming, my Party Animal is all through blooming for this year though...

I am assuming that the Party varieties have papilio in their background, they actually say that one of them is a papilio hybrid on their website.

Your little red double is very nice. Maybe it will stay tiny, people love small flowered varieties, especially nice if it's a well formed double like yours!!


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