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Woodytoo(4/5)April 18, 2013

I am from Iowa and wanted to get some cold hardy Bamboo started again.

I finally found 3' rhizome of Phylo Nuda available on Ebay.

Since I am in SC I knew that I was going to have to start it in a bucket. When it arrived I was impressed. It was a large strong section cut in to 2 pieces approx 20" long each. Each one had 2 - 3 strong canes ready to start. I put them in the bucket around the perimeter, they were so strong that could barely make them bend.

I planted them 2 weeks ago.

Good news! I noticed a pair of canes just peaking out yesterday and today they are both over an inch tall.

It will be interesting to see how big they get before we head back to Iowa in early June.

I have had Nuda in Iowa before an it seems to do well there.


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P Nuda may not be as hardy as you wanted it to be if you happen to be in Iowa.

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I have hd it in the past at a home we sold close to the top of zone 5.

That being said, What other varieties would be a candidate for that area, I have seen P. Yellow Grove growing happily in Minneapolis.

I did have F. Nitida and while it seemed OK, I just didn't care for the spindly look of the plant.


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Something like phyllostachys virella would be much hardier than nuda or aureosulcata.

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Thanks, I will look for some Virella.


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If you go with virella, I would suggest getting it from someone off Bambooweb forums as opposed to paying the list price from a bamboo nursery because they can and will rip you off as this is one of the species that are still rare in the US.

I think atrovaginata is also a bit hardier than aureosulcata as it has always received less leaf burn for my climate, but it's not as hardy as virella based on what I've read from the posts of others.

Arundinarea gigantea is also supposed to be super hardy, but it doesn't have that much size potential, and may not look as pretty.

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steilberg(6 lou,KY)

where on this forum could we find the best start
there are soooo many!!!!!
thanks to anyone that may have time to point me in the right direction

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