Drought and my bamboo (with pics!!!)

mersiepoo(6)April 21, 2009

Usually only when the temps drop below 0 would the boos look this bad, but I think Kudzu is right and the drought did it. All my boos look like this, I hope they survive and recover. :) I always thought bamboo was indestructible!

P. Nigra (henon), not even for my zone, lol! Takes FOREVER to spread, this was planted in 2002.

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hello_c_j_here(7 Cary, NC)

Ummm have you taken a close look at the plant? any green buds showing? I have never seen a P. Nigra that yellow ever recover. Sorry but I think its dead.

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Hard to say from the pics, but as CJ said it might be gone.

However, I thought I lost a bamboo to the drought, but dug it up anyway and potted the remains. I watered it constantly, and today saw that it has new growth...after looking dead since January, so I wouldn't give up hope yet.

Get water to it as soon as possible.

Good Luck


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Also, I'd keep an eye on that guinea...she looks suspicious. From the pic, it looks like she turned your water hose away from the bamboo so it doesn't get any water.


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