Bamboo ID please,

bambookid524April 13, 2008

Ok, the other day while at my uncles house in Jacksonville Florida I picked up some bamboo. One is for sure a clumper and the other is for sure a runner. I will put pics up with the runner first andd then after a line i will put the clumper. I am starting to think the clumper is Bambusa Multiplex 'fernleaf' but not positive.

Running Bamboo Leaves

The Running bamboo culms. It appears that the nodes are pretty closely spaced.

A shoot from the runner.


Ok now the clumper.

Fern-like leaves

Clumper Culms

The nodes seem to be very spaced.

If you know what these are please let me know. All answers will help. If you have any questions about the bamboos or need to see more pics to identify them, by all means, ask and i will get the pics posted. So far these are the only pics i have though but i'm willing to take some more.

Thanks so much,


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daveandlaura(8b-S. Louisiana)

Not sure on the runner -- it's sure a pretty shoot, though!

The clumper looks like my fernleaf. My clumps are fairly mature and the culms are getting no larger than 3/4". There are 10 or so leaves at the end of the branches and the leaves are about 3/4" long by 1/4" wide.

Hope this helps some.


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The first one looks like a phyllostachys but I don't know which variety. How tall and large were the culms?

The second one looks like Fernleaf or Chinese Goddess. Other possibilities are Willowy(WANG TSAI) and 'Tiny Fern.'
How tall and thick are the culms?


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hollenback(z6 WA)

From the swollen area below the node in the second photo it looks like the runner is P. aurea.

Here is an example of the swollen area.


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The full running bamboo was around 20 ft in height(maybe a little more or less). The culm diameter was ranging from about 1 1/2 in to 3 inches and they were all green. No stripe or anything.

I am starting to think that it may possibly be Phyllostachys Angusta from looking at some pics but i'm still not 100% positive.

Bill may also be right that it is P. Aurea.


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Did you notice some of the culms with the compressed nodes near the bottom? Some more photos from the original grove would be very helpful.


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