What is wrong with my boo???? Boo Hoo

kaleinaniApril 13, 2010

This bamboo is Alphonse Karr, and I planted it in 2007. Every year this horrible thing happens to it, and I just don't know what it is. Could it be mealy bugs causing this distortion? Can some one please help and let me know what I should do to correct this?

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Herbicides can cause that also, perhaps drifted from the neighbors. Some residual herbicides can remain in a plant or in the ground around the plant for a couple of years or more.


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Is that on new culms only? Is it on every culm? Does it eventually branch out? Do you see any evidence of insects there? Do those growths come off? If so, if you break one open do you see insects inside it?

I don't have any ideas what it may be right now, but trying to get more info.

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hank11(8 Northern Ca.)

Need more info, what zone? what winter temps? It looks to me like winter kill, especially if it puts out new branches and leaves each year.

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