Please help to identify a tree - w Photos

snapplegMay 20, 2009


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greenlust(z9 Phx,AZ)

I think its a ficus nitida. Checkout pics in the link below. They are nice looking trees, I used to have 2 of them, they died in the freeze.

Here is a link that might be useful: ficus nitida thread with pics

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I also thought it was ficus nitida, but the owner said that he had this tree for almost 10 years (without knowing the name ;)) - it is too small for 10 year old Indian Laurel - I heard horror stories how it grows like crazy and has very invasive root system.

Maybe there are different types of this tree, e.g multi-trunk and 1 trunk ficus nidita... 1 trunk would be the one which grows slowly... Is it possible?

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greenlust(z9 Phx,AZ)

Looks like it might have had a freeze burn on the top and they trimmed off branches, i see some branches without leaves sticking out. Many ficus in my neighbourhood had freeze burn...most survived but few 10yo trees died. Also in my neighbourhood i have seen folks shape the tree like trim off half the top and it grows back quickly in few years. They have invasive roots but i have seen some banks/businesses out here which have these planted very close to wall within a foot where its growing like a hedge.
I think multitrunk is usually few trees planted together...they dont grow vertically fast grows more sideways. multiple trunks competing makes it grow slow. the single trunk grows upright faster. (i could be way off in my assumption...iam quoting what the college guy working at a nursery told me).

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