Dwarf Lady Finger banana not doing so good

lizkuntne(7)April 6, 2014

I splurged and purchased a dwarf lady finger from Logee's and it's been failing since it arrived. It had six leaves, three are dead and a 4th is dying. The fifth is getting brown around the edges. The tip of the new leave emerging from the center is brown. When it arrived, I put it in indirect light and gradually introduced to east window. I waited 2 weeks to transplant and fertilize. I went up from a 4" to a 6" pot. I used Miracle Gro potting mix w/fertilizer, perlite and peat moss. One can only find Miracle Gro potting mix around here I called Logee's and they said the plant was in shock from the fertilizer in the potting mix. They advised me to flush water thru the plant for 10 minutes. I did this. I ordered Pro Mix online and expect it any day. I will transplant it into the Pro Mix when it arrives. Is there anything else I can do to save the plant? Thanks

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Bamatufa(7 - Trussville, AL)

Make sure soil is not too dry or saturated in water..

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Thanks bamatufa. It's been a while, so I wanted to update - I'm getting the hang of it now. I did repot the plant in pro-mix and I'm really keeping a close eye on the watering needs of the plant. Every leaf died, but a new shoot started growing beside the main plant. It now has 2 leaves, so I am hopeful. Logee's very kindly sent me another plant and it's doing really well. I think being outside in the sun has helped turn things around. With any luck, I'll have 2 great dwarf bananas.

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