What is eating my babies?

letsharmonize(USDA 5/2B Western)May 14, 2013

in the White Mountains ...
someone suggested slugs.
since both leaves and flowers are eaten, it could be.
but the baby grasshoppers (you can see one on the biggest flower) are EVERYWHERE.

the reason i'm doubting slugs, is because i have a bed of petunias across the sidewalk from this bed, and in my past experience (coastal south) ... slugs just LOVE petunias, and eat them down to the soil line! but not a ONE of my petunias have been nibbled on!

if you have any input, i'd appreciate it ... including how to treat the problem!

thanks fellow gardeners!

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Ck under that mulch for rolly pollies. The very top leaf looks like it also could be small little green worms eating the skin off the leaf. Dust w/7 or something simular

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letsharmonize(USDA 5/2B Western)

thank you, campv ... sevin has been dispersed on my babies ... i'll let you know the outcome

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