Does this need to be buried?

evaldasApril 25, 2013

Hi. I've had this banana plant for almost two years. It seems to be doing great during summers, but during our very dark winters it's doing very poorly. My question is, does the corm need to be buried in the potting soil, so roots may grow out of it, or not and if buried it would cause rot? Maybe it's doing poorly because the corm is exposed?

Right now that brown part is about 5 inches above the ground where the leaves were attached to the corm, but died and dried off.

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evaldas, it does seem exposed but I don't think you should bury it. It appears healthy with various stages of pups growing around it. You're right that burying it could induce rot.

Is it inside? It is very normal for bananas not to look great inside in the winter and definitely outside.

If you wanted to bury it a few inches, I'd do it only once you're outside temps are warm and the banana is starting to actively grow. At that time you could also separate a pup or two.

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