any 5-6ers with dwarfavendish or dwarf red

jakizzle63April 25, 2007

i have a dwarf cavendish and a dwarf red comeing hopfully by the end of this week. im going to keep them potted but i might put them in the ground for the summer. anyone in zone 5-6 have one out side..its going to go outside either way but i might keep it in the pot year round or in the ground for summer and potted indoors for winter. i have never had bananas before so any suggestions are welcome.

thank you


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Jake,,I have been planting bananas outdoors for 4 years now. Its simple,. I just dig a hole 2 or 3 times the size of the pot. Fill with good potting soil, then remove from pot and thats all it takes. Be sure not to plant it too early. The lowest temp for the cavendish would be around 48-50 degrees. So I plant mine here in northern Ohio about the third week of May. Then watch it take off. Then in early October I dig them back up and repot. It may take a pot twice the size of the one you had it in before planting it. Good luck,,Bill

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thanks bill...when i get my plants ill post some pictures and keep it updated all season with its progress. any other things i should know please let me know

thank you

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