Creating a Bamboo Screen

muggsieApril 28, 2010

My wife and live in a new urban area in Central Virginia (Charlottesville). We want to block out the view of some Townhouses that are across the street from us. To do this, we have research many different plants, but think we have settled on bamboo.

Our idea is to kill two birds with one stone. We want to create a digging area for our small children so we thought that we could bury 5 to 7 containers of bamboo in plastic containers so that they wouldn't over take our yard in a "sand bed." We were thinking we would plant 8 to 10 shoots per container.

We need bamboo that will grow at least 12 feet high.

Any suggestions on types of bamboo that will do well in this area of the country?

Any suggestions on the type of container to purchase to house the bamboo?


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From what I could find Charlottesville is zone 7, so you have lots of choices, but most (all?) of them are running bamboos. Containing their spread with a barrier of some type is a good idea, but sinking containers probably will not work -- the rhizomes will escape through any drainage holes that the pot has. You should be able to leave the pots above ground though.

You'll only want to put one plant in each pot, as each plant might have several culms (shoots, canes) already but will definitely produce more each year.

The problem with growing in pots is that the plants will get "rootbound" after a couple of years and will need to be reduced by division. You could instead put the plant(s) in the ground and use rhizome barrier, or rhizome prune to keep the plant's spread controlled.

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Burying the pots will NEVER ever keep them confined. They will eventually burst though the plastic or rhizomes will find another way out.--Bamboo roots would probably get though a concrete planter eventually! As suggested above, if you go with bamboo, you are either going to have to rhizome prune once or twice a year, or have a rhizome barrier put in.

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