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ray_loveApril 2, 2008

Hey guys so I stated out buying a small banana plant but got impatient waiting for it to get bigger so I bought a bigger one. I just don't know exactly what kinda they are anyone know from looking at the pictures at the links below? Also I was cleaning the elaves of one of the plants and ha this weird while power like substance on my hands is that ok I go that on me and what is it?





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dan112(S Ontario z6)

I am not entirely sure but I think the white powder might be from water. I mist mine fairly regularly and the leaves get a bit of the whitish powder stuff. I just assume its from the water. When mine are outside in the rain they don't get this. Where did you get that banana? My guess is its a SDC, super dwarf cavendish because here in hamilton thats what we get most commonly at that size.
BTW thats a pretty cool pic of the linc you have on your photo page.

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Hey Dan
I got the Bigger fellow at home Depot in the meadow Lands and the Bigger guy at Sharples Greenhouses on Upper James.

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1. looks like a super dwarf cavendish, they grow between 2-4 foot tall, but it doesn't need as much water as dwarf cavendish, keep it moist and lots of sun, and it should do fine, and they say it is the most likely one that will fruit indoors.

the other one looks like a dwarf cavendish, it is a bigger version of of Super Dwarf Cavendish, usually between 6-8 foot tall, but sometimes fruits at 5', but it needs lots of water, or it will start turning brown and start decreasing in health, and usually it starts at about that size, I had one and I kept it in pure sand, and a 20 gallon bucket with no drain holes, and kept it full of water all the time, and it stayed healthy, and green, but it was also in very good health, the healthiest banana I've ever seen, but don't try it until you are sure its the dwarf cavendish, because if you try it with any other banana you can easily kill it, in about a week it will start turning black, and it will be hard to bring back.

They are both dwarf, because in dwarf bananas their leaves grow closer together, and the closer the leaves are together, the smaller the plant, and the standard sizes their leaves are more spaced out.


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dan112(S Ontario z6)

Hey Ray, I've never heard of that greenhouse on Upper James. Do they have any palm trees there? Is it fairly big?

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ornata(London UK (8/9?))

It's normal to find white powder on the undersides and pseudostem of some bananas, such as Dwarf Cavendish - I think it's called indumentum.

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Hey Dan
Ya ts a pretty big place. You should check it out sometime.

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