will oldhamii's culms leaf back out?

vajdak(8b TX)April 13, 2008

I have had some Oldhamii in the ground for about four years or more and each year here in central TX it loses most all of its leaves due to brief freezing temps. The culms remain a healthy deep green but the outer branches usually turn light brown so that part is certainly dead. But i've always waited till mid-summer before accepting that these deep green culms are not going to put out any branches or leaves. Right now for the past month new smaller shoots have shot up from the ground and some of the bases of the smaller culms from last year are sending out dense clusters of new branches. So even though these larger culms from last year look healthy should I just cut them out now? Are they inhibiting other culm growth in any way?

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They wouldn't be taking away from other growing culms, but they might not look pleasing.

Although this past Winter was another mild one, my Oldhamii took a big hit for some reason. The larger culms are all top dead. Last year they did as yours are doing, they remained green, but only a few grew leaves on the upper portions of the culms. They look bad now.

Anyway, any living green part of the plant, whether it is the leaves or culms, will be used in the production of food for further growth. I would leave them, at least until after normal shooting season in late July or early August.

Good Luck


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vajdak(8b TX)

Thank you Kinder,

I'll leave the old culms there. One benefit will be support for the new culms that tend to break in high winds from our thunderstorms.


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I agree with what you said about the thunderstorms and the culms giving added support.

If you are in the Brenham area, you are a bit colder than I am here, and my Oldhamii seem to get freeze burn here but they get more cold hardy with age.

Keep them watered well during cold spells.

Good Luck


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