A Couple Unrelated Questions

MissionGardens(8)May 13, 2011

I have two questions and figured i'd condense them to one post instead of creating more topics.

1) i have corn that's just starting to sprout silk and ears. How long (approximately) does it take to ripen, how will i know when it's ripe, and is the heat here in NE Scottsdale going to become a problem before it gets fully ripe? It's ornamental earth tone corn, if that makes a difference in the answers.

2) i've read up on rose hips and that they ripen after the first fall frost. How do they fare in PHX? Will they survive the summer, and will they properly ripen in the fall? My roses are Don Juans and are in a bed that's mostly sunny (they're not big enough to climb much yet).


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Rose hips are the fruit of certain rose species. The typical ornamental rose produces a dry, bitter pod that is not worth messing with.

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