Lotus Banana Flowering Question

montyburns(z6a MA)April 23, 2008

This will be my 3rd summer with the same Lotus Banana (Musella Lasiocarpa)it has put out tons of pups, but I am wondering if I can expect it to flower this summer. I remember reading that 3 summers of growth would get it there...any thoughts?

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This is actually one of my favorite bananas to grow. Mine flowered when it was actually rather small (under three feet). I would just suggest that you give it as much sun as you can, remember to fertilize and water regularly throughout the spring and summer months. A protected south facing wall is helpful for extra warmth before tropical heat really kicks in (then I would move it to a cooler locale--depending on your summer conditions). I am assuming that you are growing it as a containerized plant and are able to summer it outdoors. The attractive flowers last a surprisingly long time, and as you pointed out they sucker generously. Good luck!

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Good recommendation.
I babyed mine for about three years(dividing every other year) then last summer totally neglected it, barely gave it enough water and it bloomed a small little bloom.
I bet your's will bloom soon.

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austinl(Little Rock, AR, 8a)

You may be able to expect this after three years!

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