Bamboo for North Florida

Pind54(9b)April 21, 2013

I am looking for an upright, non spreading bamboo that will be in a mostly shady area and that is 6-8 feet in height. I appreciate suggestions. The thought is to put it along a fence line in an area that is about 2 feet wide (between fence and deck). If not bamboo...other suggestions for this location???


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2 feet wide is the growing area, or the area that the topgrowth will have to spread?

Look into some of the Bambusas.


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The growing area is 2 feet wide by 6 feet long and height of 6-8 feet (so it is long, narrow strip between the edge of the deck and the fence). Any specific bambusa suggestions?

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Possibly Bambusa multiplex 'Riviereorum' or Bambusa
multiplex 'Willowy'. They both may lean outward a bit though.

I have a bamboo that was sold to me as Bambusa edulis, which I was told would grow to over 50 feet. It has never gotten over six feet in height and very erect with many culms. It would definitely work in your area, but I don't have enough to divide and sell, but maybe someone else knows what bamboo I have from my description.


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Bambusa multiplex rivierorum "Chinese Goddess"

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