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foofoo(Gilbert, AZ)May 9, 2007

Instead of reserching trees before buying, we picked some trees becuase we liked the way they looked. Now I'm finding a lot of bad information about the ones we picked. Fortunetly, the trees won't be planted until May 19th. The trees we selected are: a Brazillian Pepper, a Shamel Ash and an Austriallian Bottle. One will go near our patio which is near the pool, one for the front yard and the other outside our kitchen window on the side of the house. What we really want are low maintence, shade, and fast growing that won't get over 40 feet tall. We prefer trees that don't loose their leaves. I love the Ficus Nidea, but we are replacing two that didn't make it through last winters freeze. Any suggestions are greatly appreciated. We're going back to the nursery tomorrow to hopefully find new trees and have a little more knowledge before we pick them out. We live in Gilbert at Power Ranch (Queen Creek and Power Road)

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kazooie(kapiti coast, NZ)

we just planted a shamel ash to replace our ficus that did not make it as well. two of our neighbors have shamel ash trees that were planted 5 years ago, and now they are large and beautiful shade trees. neither neighbor has had a problem with them and find them easy to take care of. just wondering what bad info did you found out about them?

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We had three huge shamel ash removed about three years ago.
We thought we had planted them far enough away from the block wall around the back yard, but at the age of 15 they had big roots
encroaching upon the wall and we were afraid they'd break the
foundation. They weren't seeking water because they were well watered.. they are VERY thirsty plants.
Also, they were SO tall that there were constant problems with APS because they were higher than the electric lines that run down the easement behind the houses. We have no alleys.
Another problem with them was that they drop their leaves and when they get that old and that big.. my GOSH do they have a lot of leaves. Neighbors on each side of us and behind us were angry with us at leaf dropping time because they made such a mess in their yards too.
Otherwise they are beautiful, wonderful shade trees and I sure MISS that shade !!!
If you planted a shamel ash in the middle of your yard
and there were no electric lines or foundations and if you had just grass in the yard so you could work on cleaning up those leaves with the lawn mower.. would be okay.

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greenlust(z9 Phx,AZ)

I have a multi trunk brazilian pepper tree, about 8' tall. Its planted in the lawn. Planted it 2-3 years ago , was 5' tall then. It did ok in the freeze, just few tender leaves at the top of branches got freeze burnt. The trees drop more leaves in fall, but its not too bad.

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