My paradise on earth

brigarif KhanApril 14, 2014

Posted by kaboehm 9a (My Page) on Sun, Apr 13, 14 at 6:26
His blooms are lovely too.
I think that your gardens are spectacular. Do you have a well positioned chair in the garden, so that you can relax and take it all in? Of course, I think I also recall a large picture window (from a photo of your home's interior) so that you can enjoy it from the inside as well.

Such beauty!
Kristi, God bless you
You and some other friends have prompted me to put in this post which some may consider irrelevant but will give you all a better under standing of me.

I am an old man in eighties and my passions are My Grandchildren, My Garden and Golf

My home is a garden; to give you an idea of my haven, let me take you on its tour without a time barrier.
The entrance

The porch

The drive

East face of the house

North face

North wall

North West corner

East boundary

Day lily bed

Crinum bed

Hippeastrum bed

Pancratium bed

Annual beds ( keep varying every year)

Some of my perennials

My Birds

And my companion, who shares my bed room, wakes me up before sun rise and forces me to go and sit in the garden, we enjoy the life, walking on the dew covered grass, admiring the flowers and listening to the birds, living free in the garden and the caged ones until the call for the breakfast.


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Your love of beautiful things and surrounding yourself with your flowers, plants and animals as well as your grandchildren are what is keeping you alive and healthy I am sure. Hopefully the rest of us with the same passions will enjoy the same health benefits when we get into our 80s!! You certainly do live in a paradise!!


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kaboehm (zone 9a, TX USA)

Dear Arif,
Your home is an oasis!


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Thank you for sharing with us! I love seeing all the pictures and it is evident how much work you put in and the enjoyment you get out of your garden and home.

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Oh my!! So lovely.

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Very beautiful Arif!!! Thank you for sharing a part of you.


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I notice that you don't grow any papilios or cybisters. Do you not enjoy the spider shapes or perhaps the flowers are too delicate for your hot climate. I'm just curious...


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brigarif Khan

Donna,Correct observation Spider shaped cybisters look very good in pictures and in individual pots but do not have the impact that an eight inch Hippeastrum has in a garden.
My emphases in last few years is on breeding extra large minimum 4 flowered hippeastrums.
I have a few Papilio bulbs, I am not happy with them as they are not regular bloomers for me.
My Pap it is always short scaped, it bloomed 2 weeks ago


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sun_worshiper(FL 9b)

Ooh, what a wonderful garden you have created! I love the all seasons idea. It is so much fun to see the long shots of your garden showing how the varieties are situated relative to each other. Gardens are so amazingly individual, thanks for sharing part of you through this virtual tour!

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lenanen(z3 Finland)

Paradise indeed. Lovely. Thank you Arif.

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Thanks for all the pictures of the incredibly beautiful surroundings and flower beds. You are indeed fortunate to live in such a paradise and hope you continue to enjoy it for many years.

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Wow Your garden and birds are beautiful,and I want to be just like you when I grow up,except for the golf!!! LOL

Seriously you have the most beautiful gardens I've seen In a long long time.It shows that you love what you do.
I don't know much about those kinds of birds,but they are beautiful as well.

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I believe that Arif has made his paradise!

The planting of those gorgeous flowering trees and vines were most likely done decades ago. Also, Arif I believe has gardeners (mine is my husband) so this is the culmination of decades of his loving care, thoughts and designs put into his property. Many of us can do the same if we stay put long enough to see it through.

Our place will never look like Arifs, but we keep trying so we can hopefully sit back and enjoy the fruits of our labor in our old age. It seems that fewer and fewer young people are interested in gardening these days so it seems that gorgeous properties like Arifs are an oasis for the mind and soul and an inspiration for us all. Just my thoughts of course....


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brigarif Khan

Hello, Thank you, God bless you all.

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