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saturniidaebreeder(7)April 22, 2008

Does anyone know if any of the bananas on trade winds fruit like shade but are not to big, so they can be in a house?I checked, and the shorter ones were the Chinese Yellow Banana (Musella lasiocarpa), and the blood banana (Musa zebrina), but do they like shade?



Here is a link that might be useful: Bananas

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Last summer was my 1st with the banana plant!
I grew a sikkimensis in the ground.
It received morning sun till about 1:30ish or so.
It was beautiful! I put it in the same place about a-week ago again!

With more sun I beleive the maroonish-purple color in the leaf would be faded-out!
Like wise the green color in the leaf is deeper!
It would be nice if garden web had a feature to browse your photos before posting! Or a members photo section, and then you could quickly see mine.
And they live in bad lighting in peoples homes.
So in dappled shade it might work too!
Hope this helps! :- ))

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