More Unwrapping questions from a New Englander....

montyburns(z6a MA)April 23, 2007

OK, so it seems like we may have turned the corner on the cold weather, and of course I couldn't resist finally unwrapping the banana tree I attempted to overwinter. My scheme was to preserve as much height as I could. Well I unwrapped it and the whole thing was dried out on the outside and wet/mushy on the inside, I definitely didn't preserve any height. Its a Sikkimensis BTW, and the base had a diameter of about 20" when I wrapped it.

So I am wondering how far down I should cut the stem? It's about a foot tall now, after I cut off most of the stem. Should I cut it to the ground and cover with dirt? Also, any ideas on minimum temps? We probably won't get any more frosts, certainly no more hard freezes, so will temps in the 40s be bad, should I cover it up?

I can post a photo if that would be helpful.

At least I know I don't need to go through the trouble of building a 6' tall cage this fall!!!


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You should probably leave the stem alone, there may be an intact portion right in the middle, cutting it would delay leaf formation.

Temps in the 40's are not bad in that no harm is done, but it certainly will not be warm enough to initiate new growth, and you still need to be careful of moist soil during cooler temps.

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