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danglesApril 2, 2012

is it possible to send seed thrue the mail from other countries ie to australia without breeching quarantine regulations regards and all the best with your growing danny

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kaboehm (zone 9a, TX USA)

No...you can NOT mail seeds to Australia. They will be subject to quarantine and most likely destroyed. You can't hand carry them without quarantine, so mail would be also subject to quarantine.

They state: Do your unaccompanied effects contain any of the following goods, subject to plant quarantine laws?
Plants or parts of plants live or dead including:
fruits, nuts, seeds, bulbs, leaves, wooden articles or articles made of plant material, cuttings,
flowers, mushrooms, fungi, straw, bamboo, herbs or teas.

I have done your homework for you...if you have further questions, and want to ask about your special watermelon seeds, contact the Plant Biosecurity office in the link. Perhaps they can tell you what you need to do to import the seeds.

Here is a link that might be useful: Australian Dept of Agriculture....biosecurity

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thank u very much for answering the question for me on seeds and for the link very much appresiated regards danny ps are u in australia

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kaboehm (zone 9a, TX USA)

Sorry I had "special hybrid watermelon" seeds in my head as that was on one of the GOOGLE search results!! Someone wanted to send special watermelon seeds to AU!! (not you, I know).

No...I am not in Australia. I live in TX. I have been to AU 2 times. EXTREMELY strict agricultural import laws and regulations. Being an island, they do not have many of the agricultural pests and diseases found in other parts of the world. They do their best to protect themselves.

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ok thank you kristi

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crazyorchids(NSW Aust)


I am in Austalia and have brought in seed of different plant species. It is not banned. As long as the parcel is clearly marked it contain "clean" seed, is not of commercial quantity, it will get thru. It should not be a species banned by the CITES list either. Your parcel will be opened, inspected and if the seed pass all the tests, they will close it, put a sticker that it has been opened and inspected and forward it to you.
BY the way, I am after species hippeastrum seed. I have pappilio and reticulatum.

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Yes you can send seeds to Australia go to this site.

http://www.aqis.gov.au/icon32/asp/ex_casecontent.asp?intNodeId=8402636&.As long as the envelope states hippeastum seeds papilio, there is a whole list of seeds that are allowed. I had some from France ans someone in customs said they were not allowed and I went into this web site and they were allowed. That is because the hippe seeds are dry. Hope this helps all of you out there, ps I get seeds from all over the world and including the USA, no problems.thanks bubles 68,

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