banana plants regrowing after being cut down: will they fruit?

fiddlerchick(10 Los Angeles)April 23, 2013

My landlord insisted that I move/chop down the two mats of banana plants I set in the ground four years ago because he thought they were damaging the house foundation and retaining wall. I was gutted because there were several mature plants, a couple of which were about to bear fruit, and these plants have produced the most spectacularly beautiful and delicious bananas I have ever seen/eaten. There is one mat of Cuban Reds and one of Rajapuris.

Anyway, I have successfully transferred the rajapuri mat to the center of the yard and just moved a few Cuban pups to the new location that I fervently hope will work now that they will no longer be getting reflected heat off the balcony wall they had heretofore been living very happily against.

My question is as follows: in the old Cuban mat next to the house, a couple trees I cut down have started to regrow. One that had about 3â of trunk left has several leaves on it now, and the other which was cut almost to ground level has a long shoot that I expect to leaf out shortly. Is it likely that these plants will bear fruit given that they lost so much of their original growth? If so, IâÂÂll see if I can keep the bigger one even though IâÂÂm sure IâÂÂll have to cut down the other one since itâÂÂs right up against the wall...heartbreaking to have to destroy something thatâÂÂs so determined to stay alive :(

If it is unlikely that the other one will bear fruit, IâÂÂll just have to take it out too.

Thanks so much for any advice/input :)

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Foreverlad(9b - Tampa Bay)

Haven't had to cut back my bananas yet, but everything I read shows your plants will jump right back in no time. Sure, you're gonna lose 2-3 months of growth as the Bananas need to make up for lost time, but by the end of the growing season, you'd never know they were cut back. If they were on the verge of flowering, you should definitely see fruit this year.

For a great example, read ArcticTropical's thread Gigantic Ensete Pics, Zone 4. It's still on the front page of this subforum.

Every year those Ensetes are stumped, and they pick right back up from where they left off.

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