My Papillio

brigarif KhanApril 27, 2014

I have a few plants of Papillio, Basically off shoots of two bulbs I got from friends.
They are ever green and produce number of bulb lets which I keep gifting.
They have stronger, extensive roots than other Hippies.
Both types produce only two flowers and on a very short scape, whether in pot or garden soil.
One is much more greenish than the other.


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Arif, the only commonality I have found with long and short scapes... bulbs with short scapes have been moved within the past year or 2

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brigarif Khan

They are in the same pots over two years.The very short scape is common to all Papilios of mine,

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I had the same problem (not in the severe manifestation as shown here, admittedly) with H.papilio when I - rather than locating the containers outdoors from May to October - kept them permanently indoors which is equivalent to "higher temperatures throughout the year". Many scapes would not emerge at all (where they should have done, namely from the position after every semisheating leaf) and those which did not abort would emerge only in spring which means "MUCH TOO LATE" and with short stems thus "blooming under their leaves". Note that under appropriate conditions, H.papilio will bloom in November, (in Gemany). "Uncommonly short", as regards Scapes of Hippeastrum often means "delayed and aged w/in the bulb respectively".

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brigarif Khan

Hello Hans, My pots remain out side under a green net during summer and in the open during winter These bulbs are ever green and retain healthy leaves through out the year.
What have you to say about the colour of flower and shape of petals?

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What I intended to indicate, Arif, is that the temperatures that your poor H.papilio has to endure throughout the year are too high! The short scapes and the overall performance simply reflect your environmental conditions.

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Perhaps you could try a pot or two in the house where you certainly have air-conditioning. I keep mine in the house year round for other reasons and when they do bloom they have the proper length scape. A few hours each day in a sunny window would be fine and they will continue go grow as evergreens with no problem. Maybe you could give it a try for just one or two of your pots. Just a thought...


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brigarif Khan

It appears he has come to know he is being discussed, he has obliged me with a 2nd six inches scape while the colour and the shape of flower remains the same.
First scape

The second scape


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brigarif Khan

The second flower.

Do these flowers confirm to standard colour and shape of Papillio or is it some different variety.

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kaboehm (zone 9a, TX USA)

I received several pots full of Papilo bulbs from a fellow forum member. These spend the winters either on my front porch, or in the greenhouse. Greenhouse temperatures late in the spring can reach 110ð in the heat of the sun, late in the day. I've had both long and short scapes in the greenhouse and on the porch. When I was moving bulbs to the side yard, I noted one pot had scapes barely emerging from the bulb. These were very early-stage scapes, and they actually were 12 to 18 inches long by the time they bloomed. Bulbs with short or long scapes have been undisturbed for as long as I've had them. Also some bulbs have been transplanted within two years have also had long or short scapes. I'm trying to track if moving from porch to greenhouse or greenhouse to side yard makes any difference on scape length. Bulbs on the porch definitely are cooler than bulbs in the greenhouse.

I'm starting to think that certain bulbs have repeatedly had short scapes, regardless of where they are overwintered. They do reliably have 2 scapes at a time, 2 blooms each. The shapes are fine, unless they are emerging from the neck, and then the blooms are really cramped and not able to open fully.

They continue to mistify me! I'm a bit concerned about using pollen from short-scaped blooms in crosses for fear that this trait could be passed on.
Hans-Werner or others, have you tracked changes in scape lengths with the changes in growing conditions, or is it just that some bulbs give short scapes and could this be passed on?


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That Papilio which bloomed in my New Year had sÃÂapes normal length. But when he's blossomed in September in open ground in pot after 2 years then sÃÂapes were short but not as short as that of Arif.

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