How fast will P. Atrovaginata spread?

mersiepoo(6)April 29, 2007

I just put it in a few weeks ago, it's a number 2 size, in a 3 gallon pot. Great looking plant for the price, only 38 bucks for the whole thing, including shipping.

How fast do you think it will spread? I'm hoping it's hardier than the P nigra henon I have, I put it in in 2002 and it's hardly spread at all. The main stems died down this winter too, so it doesn't look to thrilled right now.

So, anyone know?

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one of my fastest runners, it tends to put energy into fewer, fatter, more spread out culms. hardier than henon for sure.

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treeguy_ny USDA z6a WNY

I planted a 2 gallon division spring of '05. It started as a single culm about 2 feet tall. Now there are five culms between two feet and three feet. I'm excited to see how it does this year (hasn't begun shooting yet). In the two summers since it was planted, it sent out a rhizome ten feet long. This is only one rhizome I know of (because it poked out of the ground at its tip), so it could have spread that same distance in more than one direction. Also one of my more hardy varieties. Almost no leaf loss at all this winter. My P. nuda and P. rubro. both had ~50% leaf loss and my P. nigra henon was killed to the ground (I expected that since this was its first winter in the ground for me). Enjoy your bamboo!

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Your nigra henon isn't spreading? maybe you got a dud. I dug my henon this spring and potted it up, but this from a 1gal planted last year.

March '07

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Thanks for all the info! My Nigra Henon is still alive and I spied some new shoots coming up, but it's pretty lame. The tag did say zone 7 though, so I guess I should be glad it's alive at all.

I'm glad to hear that the p atro is actually hardy, I think I also have some bisetti that I dug from a friends place, but the new ones still are small.


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Just because the henon says zone 7, doesn't mean anything. My henon went through a zone 5 winter and had total topkill above snowline, but it still should spread fast in your and my warm and wet summers. Where did you get your henon from?

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it all depends how big your plant is to start with..they say first year it sleeps...the 2nd it creeps ..the 3rd it leaps...but as you are in cold pa it will be slower as cold slows it done and is less invasive...figure each year if lucky it will double uin dia and # of culms + height till it reaches its max size.

el pesidente sec/abs

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