apple banana

shuffles_gwApril 7, 2013

I was looking for the post that indicated banana mansana, apple banana, has small bunches. This one is typical here. The nice thing about this one is I didn't have to plant it. My Cuban neighbor, Jose, planted it and it migrated across the fence.apo

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Beautiful bunches! You mean it was on his property but because of the weight of the bananas it is now technically on your property? If so, that is way cool!


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Actually, they were planted on the other side but have migrated and now grow on my side. Earlier, I did get some that fell on my side. Now, there are none on the other side (the north side) but now and then one with a bunch falls from my side to Jose's side. I have another neighbor with Orinocos. I get a few bunches a year that fall over on my side.

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Orinocos one one side and manzano on the other, sounds perfect!

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