Ghost Gum vs Mesquite for edge of lot

greyongrayMay 8, 2012

I'm going to be planting 2-3 trees on the west side of my lot and I've spent months trying to make a good choice of specie.

The trees are going to border a horseback riding arena, and so what I really want is to be able to shade as as much as possible (ie tall tree). Prefer xeriscape to tropical, filtered shade is fine.

The problem is that right on the other side of the fence is my neighbor's pool and concrete deck.

I'm leaning towards the Crown Jewel mesquite (seedless hybrid) which would give me some shade but also peace of mind around the pool. It may not be litter free but neighbor has his own Chilean mesquite to clean up after so they would probably be on the same schedule.

I love the look of the Ghost Gum though (papuana), anyone have experience with those - how messy, concrete crackers, etc? Help me decide so I can go get my trees already :)

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tomatofreak(Z9 Phx USA)

RUN from the Ghost Gum! Go get the mesquites! How I wish I had gotten the mesquites - or just about anything other than the eucs I did get. They are messy, refuse to live up to your idea of how they should grow and are almost impossible to prune once they reach mature height. I am seriously considering taking one out and replacing it with - ta da! - a mesquite. I so regret getting these trees.

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Thanks Tomatofreak, you are the voice of reason that I needed :)

There are mature eucs in my neighborhood (probably the older, brittler, messier kinds) and I think I will just continue to enjoy them from the walking paths/little trails, and the ghost gums planted by ADOT! Beautiful white trunks and I was trying to block out the expensive pruning they would surely need.

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