Bananas/Plantains Ready to Harvest?

solstice98(9b/Orlando)April 29, 2007

I've gotten pretty good at knowing when to harvest the Mysore bananas, but now I have two other kinds that may be ready. I don't want to take them too soon or leave them too long. Can anyone help?

The first one is a Rhinohorn plantain. It looks ready to me. Is it or do I wait until the whole thing is plump like the center is?

This one is supposed to be a Hawaiian. Used more as a fruit but I've read you can fry them up like a plantain too. What do you think? Are these ready to cut?



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pitangadiego(San Diego, CA)

If they were in San Diego, as a very general rule of thumb, they would need to be 6 months from flowering to be mature enough to pick green.

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Thanks for the input. Foolishly I didn't record when I first saw the blooms. I think our seasons fluctuate more than they do in San Deigo but from now on I'll pay more attention to the timing. Typically, if I get flowering in the spring, I can be making banana bread for Thanksgiving and Christmas, so that follows your 6 month rule.
Also typical for this area, if I get fall or early winter flowering, the fruit doesn't make it through the winter - it just never matures. This year was very mild and our few cold snaps didn't last much more than a day or two.

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I am not familiar with the variety of plantain but my immediate reaction is that the LENGTH of the skinnier portion is about twice what it should be; I'd leave it to mature some more. I should add that we always cook plantains; it is used while unripe (the 'skin' has to be removed with the help of a knife). Indeed it is referred to as 'green plantain' as the line in a calypso declares " and don't gie me no d*** muffin; ah grow up on cassava an' green plantain"

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