Pygmy Date Palms and Frost Damage

peoriaplantingMay 8, 2007

Hello all,

I have pygmy date palms around my pool that still haven't recovered from the frost this year. They're all multi-trunked, and only one or two trunks from each tree are showing any new growth and the new growth seems to be struggling itself. Some of the trunks are even dark brown with still only white fronds, not a hint of new growth anywhere in sight.

I've trimmed only the lower dead branches, being careful not to damage the tops. I water them deeply and apply palm fertilizer as recommended, but I just can't get them to bounce back.

Does anyone know of a remedy? I thought the pygmy dates would give the pool a lush tropical look, but instead it looks like a water hole surrounded by scary, dead tumbleweed. Not the look I was going for.


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kazooie(kapiti coast, NZ)

my pygmy palms got hit hard this year by the frost, some more then others, but they are starting to recover slowly. i think every winter since we have put them in, they always get some frost damage and it does take a while for new fronds to replace the damaged ones. since the damage was so extensive this time, i do not think they will look great again until next year (if we do not have another hard freeze). i know some people in our neighborhood have already ripped out their damaged pygmy palms and have replaced them with new ones. i am going to be patient and just wait it out since our palms are pretty large now.

give them a little more time. how established were your palms before the freeze?

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port_a_bella(z9 AZ)

i have a similar with one of mine... i'm going to wait until the end of summer, and if there isn't any new growth i'm going to replace it with something else... good luck.

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This will be the their 3rd summer. We have large ones in the center and then they taper to smaller ones around the pool. The smaller ones seem to be showing some shaggy fronds growing in on some of the trunks, but the larger ones have nothing. I would think that it would be the opposite? Especially because we have a huge queen palm and that one is almost completely back to normal.

It feels like I'm missing something.

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