bagging bananas

paradisi(Sunshine Coast)April 7, 2006


my last post told you that the first flower had appeared on my lady finger

We live in australia where bats and birds are apparently a problem for bananas - when should I bag the flower frond - at the sign of the first hand of bananas or when the last appears.

when should the bell be taken off?

The queensland DPI site says bananas should be bagged and the bell taken off - but doesn't say when.

Do you lot (americans, germans, pommies etal) bag bananas?

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amazondk(+ 11 Humid Equatorial Tropics)

Here in Amazonia - Brazil I have never seen bagged bananas. The problems we have here are with diseases that have nothing to do with insects or animals.

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I just ran across this thread during an unrelated external search - funny what Google coughs up sometimes. I realize this is an old post, but I'm a gardenweb member that can answer it while I'm here.

And besides, "Do you lot (americans, germans, POMMIES ETAL) bag bananas?" Just struck my funny bone.

Wait until after the flower has matured to the point where most hands have been revealed and the exposed fingers have already turned upward.

. . . At least that's how a slack yank living at the beach in Southern California would do it, kn'oath!

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