Bamboo Hasn't Sent Up New Shoots

dkjensenApril 27, 2013

I have a timber bamboo that I harvested several years ago. It was in a large pot for 2-3 years. The first year after I planted it in the ground (good soil) it sent up a shoot that was about an 1.5 inches in diameter. Last year it didn't send up any new shoots and this year I don't see any either. The plant looks very healthy but I am a little perplexed as to why it isn't sending up any new shoots. I thought it would be taking off by now. I have put a good organic lawn fertilizer on it each spring and fall but other than that i haven't done much with it.

Any thoughts?

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Does it have any rhizomes growing that you have noticed? It may be too early for shoots depending on the species.

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I haven't done any digging around it to see if there are any rhizomes growing. I guess that could be something to check on. from the top it looks very healthy. I am not sure of the species but the grove that we harvested it from had very large culms, about 3 inches in dia.

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hangluus(zone 6, NJ)

Though digging around bamboo will usually give you a good idea of what's going on underground, in my mind, it's kinda like pulling a tooth to exam it for cavities. If you can avoid digging, don't dig. Instead, examine the new leaf and branch growth above ground. When you look closely at your bamboo above ground, you can see what's happening underground (+/- a day or two).

For example. My P. Nuda has new leaf growth that is approaching 1cm (approx 33% of pre-opened leaf growth). Since the rhizomes of my Nuda are approximately 15cm under the soil surface, I expect that they have grown approx 5cm above the rhizome (33%). The rate of growth varies depending on soil conditions, rainwater, and temperature, amongst other things, but is usually exponential through the first few weeks. Close attention to the rate of growth can really help aid your prediction of shooting.

Hope this helps.

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