Bananas fully hardy in zone 6

islandbreezeApril 23, 2014

Just a follow-up posting to my mulching question...

Musa Mekong Giant IS hardy in Michigan down to at least -13 degrees with about 10-12 inches of cedar mulch piled on top and nothing else. No tarps, trash bags or fungicide. Just mulch as protection.

The same is true for Musa Basjoo, although I was surprised to see that Mekong Giant started regrowing only a week after Basjoo. All stumps of both varieties are regrowing from the main plants, so they should be HUGE this year.

Now I'm waiting for one of my Dwarf Orinocos, although the smaller of the two is showing signs of life.

By the way, this was our snowiest winter ever, so no lack of winter moisture and nothing to protect the banana corms from that moisture. All were established bananas.

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Bamatufa(7 - Trussville, AL)

Great ! I only got the chance to bag and cover my two Giant Borneo Elephant Ears ( new additions ) before my my lawn mower broke last fall. They have yet to show any signs of life but hoping they are just late.Good to hear detailed reports from colder zones. I did the fencing one year and it was a lot of work, probably could have left them as is and all been okay given the winter was mild.Reading your post and another from WV I think a little extra fall mulch will suffice for me.

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I hope the information is helpful. I kind of went into growing bananas here in Michigan partially informed with reports of Basjoo being hardy to zone 6, but never imagined that would be a Michigan zone 6 and not a Tennessee zone 6, much different.

By the way, Dwarf Orinoco just sent up a pup, so looks like this one is also fully hardy with nothing more than mulch as well. This surprised me because when you look for hardy bananas, this one isn't mentioned. They get a later start than others, but if you want to grow something different, they're definitely attractive with wide leaves like a Cavendish.

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