Leaf Curl Black Bamboo (nigra)

gaidinMay 30, 2009

Help, So I bought a 5g pot of P. Nigra "black stem bamboo" per the label. I had it for two days and watered it every day seemed to do great. Then I bought a larger ceramic pot to transfer to. I took the bamboo out of the pot it was in and shook loose as much of the soil it was in as I could, I also gently loosened the rhizomes since they were curled around in a circle. I then mixed the old soil with new soil and perlite i mixed and potted in the larger ceramic pot. Since that day that I did the transfer the leaves on the bamboo have all curled. I dont have a single leaf that isnt curled. I know that can be caused by not enough water but I have been watering every day and the soil drains completely but stays moist all day. I have a layer of bark chips on top that I wet to keep humidity up. The bamboo sits on the back patio which faces west but has a 8ft fence on the west and an apartment building behind it. It gets full sun from about 11ish until about 4ish where it is sitting. I can move it so it can get more or less sun if needed. My question is why are the leaves curling is it due to not enough water? Shock from transplant? too much water? not enough sun, too much? help I dont want it to die.

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fredgpops(z9 N/ CA)

Probably shock. 5 gals are not the most stable of plants. Best to keep them as is for 5 or 6 mths before replant. Shake out does harm to new roots. Lastly, keep new plants in the shade for a month or so. I'd try to keep it as is but move it to a shade area and cut back on water. If it's tall and spindly, I'd top it down 1/3 and cut off some low branches. Watch the main stalk not the leaves. It will regenerate leaves if the stalk stays healthy. Lastly, planting a aggressive running bamboo in a ceramic pot is not good. The roots will break it in a year. Go for a wine barrel, if it recovers.

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thanks for the help. I will try moving it to some shade, and keep an eye on the water. what do you think should be a good amount to water? once a day? Like i said it drains really well i notice that the water runs out of the bottom as soon as i start pouring it in. but the Soil still stays moist most of the day. its in a 15 gal pot atm. much larger than it was in originally. And my plan is to upgrade the pot as needed as it grows until i reach the size i want and then prune it (rhizome splitting/pruning i guess) i have read that its ok to repot once a year into a larger and larger pot. Once its established in containers for a few years its ok to prune the rhizomes back. That was the plan, but is that not correct? Is it not safe to do that? Will I most likely lose my bamboo if I attempt that? Any other advice? I also have a very healthy P. Aureo "Spectabilis" that is doing great so far, one decent culm with lots of leaves and branches. How long should I wait until I repot. I bought it from a reputable nursery that has had it at least a couple months if not longer before i bought it (they dont do their own bamboo growing but have a reputable vendor that i believe is local) Its currently in a 1 gal nursery pot and I want to put it in a nice looking container for the patio also. Any suggestions as to when is best to repot?

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