Shade Bamboo for privacy screen SE TX

tonyscape(SE Texas)May 10, 2007


I will be planting a bamboo privacy screen along approximately 160' of my 60% shade (filtered light through medium trees)1/2 acre homesite. I was planning on several groupings of unique and interesting bamboo varieties and have come here for ideas.

I am familiar w/ Buddha Belly, Giant Timber and Alphonse Karr in my capacity as Senior Landscape Designer at a local design-build firm and I have excellent sources.

Trouble is, I am a "plant nut" and am looking for unusual but hardy cultivars for my project...might possibly even propagate them and sell them to my customers. That's why I have come learn about any and all possible collector, unusual or just plain practical bamboo that meet my criteria.

One variety will have to be planted in a narrow drain area, so moisture tolerance is a must for that choice.

Height can be anywhere from 12'-15 but a 50' stand could be dramatic, there is plenty of

room available.

I would like to ask you this question:

If it were your lot, what would you plant?

I am here to learn everything I can about Texas bamboos. Your help will be appreciated.



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There are many Bambusas that will do well for you, but most will probably grow taller than 15 feet. Even my Golden Goddess, which is listed as growing to 10 feet in height, grows to about 15 feet here.

B. tuldoides 'Ventricosa' BUDDHA'S BELLY and B. tuldoides 'Ventricosa Kimmei' seem to tolerate more moist soil than other bambusas.

B. oldhamii GIANT TIMBER grows to over 40 feet tall here but is very erect which I consider desireable.

B. multiplex 'Alphonse Karr' gets the sooty mold at the joints here which can look ratty sometimes, but otherwise is a beautiful plant. In fact, the B. multiplexes are the ones for you to choose from if you want cold hardy and shorter clumpers.

B. multiplex 'Fernleaf Stripestem' FERNLEAF STRIPESTEM is another shorter bamboo with tiny leaves.

The cold hardiest of all my Bambusas is B. textilis or
WEAVER'S BAMBOO which grows to over 40 feet in height and forms a 'vase' shape for a very well-groomed look. Quite drought and moisture tolerant.

Some of it's sub species are smaller but look just as beautiful. A couple are: B. textilis var. glabra and B. textilis var. albostriata.

Good Luck


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