How long are you letting your seeds dry before germinating?

love_the_yard(z9A Jax FL)April 16, 2011

How long are you letting your seeds dry before germinating? Do you spread them out on a plate in room-temperature air? In the refrigerator? Has anyone done any tests in this area? Do seeds become more viable when dried for a week or two rather than planting immediately?

Whenever trying to think through optimums, I always go back to God and what He does. In nature, some of the seeds fall when the seed pod dries and cracks open. Many of the seeds remain in the pod, attached by that small "chad" - the infamous hanging chad. :) They will stay there until completely dry before dropping from the pod.

So I'm not sure of the answer. What do you do?



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IMHO I think that the fresher the seed the higher the germination rate. I have put seeds directly into water from the pod..and I have let them sit for a few days. All seem to germinate fairly well. Now earlier, I did a cross of Limona x Shirley May and soaked about 15 seeds immediately..most of them germinated just fine.. about 3 weeks later I found a handful more of this cross and decided to soak them and they aren't doing well at all. I think I only got about 2 seeds to germinate out of about 15 seeds in the second batch.

And on the other hand, I selfed my father's Samba and immediately soaked about 10 seeds at his house..they are doing fine. I brought the rest of the seeds home and wasn't going to do anything with them and then decided to try about 7 or 8 of them. At least 3 weeks later I soaked them and they immediately germinated..some seeds are surely more vigirous than others..

I know in the past Cindee found some seeds that she had forgotten about for about a year and when she tried to germinate them they did well so who knows..the fresher the seed the better I would say but I'm sure others out there have had more experience than I have..I'm not really sure whether drying for a few day is necessary or not..


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I agree with Donna, I soak seed immediately and I never have a problem with germination. Hippeastrum seed is very unreliable after a short period of time. If they dry out TOO much the embryo will be no good as the covering is so thin.

In the wild the seed will germinate almost immediately in the tropical areas they naturally grow!

Hippeastrum seed can store but if the temp and humidity isn't correct you wont have many viable seed. I think there isn't necessarily a science but more of a experimental thing.

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love_the_yard(z9A Jax FL)

The reason the thought even entered my mine (typo and it stays!) is because I had such poor germination from the crop described in the link below. But that could be because the seeds were not viable anyway. And since I am just crossing pinks with pinks with pinks with pinks, I have no idea what the parentage was anyway.

I always thought the same as both of you - the fresher the better. So I was surprised when only a few seeds germinated in that batch.


Here is a link that might be useful: I'm sure you do the same

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I have much better germination results with the flotation method, they sprout much quicker and the percentage of germinating seed is higher. Once they've developed a leaf I pot them up. Maybe you should give this method a try as it's almost foolproof!


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love_the_yard(z9A Jax FL)

I have and I have much better germination vice versa - in soil and warm air. That tray was the big exception to the rule. I usually get 90%+ germination. That is Florida for you. I am very blessed.

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Well in that case I would assume that the seed wasn't viable considering your success rate is usually high. I'd say whatever you do with your seed, letting them dry or not, do what you always do!

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love_the_yard(z9A Jax FL)

Joshy, I think you are exactly right - I bet they were not viable. I planted a tray on 5/26 and almost none of the seeds germinated. Several other trays planted on 5/31 and almost all of the seeds germinated.


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