I'm Waiting For My Pup To Die....

nightrider767(San Antonio)April 30, 2008

I feel sooo bad. I wasn't paying enough attention when I seperated a pup the other day. I shot the shovel down, angling slighty into the parent corm and worked the pup out.

To my horror, the corm was way lower than I expected and I was holding onto a pup stem with just about zero corm or root. So I planted it anyways.

That was over 4 days ago. The plant's leaves are a bit droopy, but still green. It hasn't fallen over. But I gotta think this thing is not going to make it...

Has this happened to anyone else? Maybe a story where the plant actually lives?

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Sorry nightrider. Last fall when I was separating my pups the same thing happened. My 10' musa basjoo had three pups and when I thought I dug down far enough and pulled them off they had no roots. Just a solid stem attached to the mother. Luckily I successfully removed 5 pups from my other basjoo. Oh well. I learned my lesson. Sorry to hear it happened to you too.


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nightrider767(San Antonio)

Thanks Jay. But I tell you, I haven't given up hope yet. It's been five days and the thing has not died yet. I really have to wonder if their is a chance it might sprout some roots.

I've been doing some research on banana propogation techniques, and there all all kind of ways to reproduce banana.

One guy I read about used banana in his aquarium and got roots to grow off a cut floating leaf.

So who knows?

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Don't drive yourself crazy, it's no big deal. You will get many more pups over time, so many that you won't know what to do with them.

I divide my plants in the fall after I dig them up, that way it's easy to see where you're cutting. I like to use a steak knife, it cuts through the tissue nicely.

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Dave in NoVA • 7a • Northern VA

After several years you'll be wondering how to get rid of them! Once you get a clump like this, the oldest corms will be larger than a basketball and impervious to knife or spade (my wife calls them elephant droppings!)! They'll keep sending up pups around their perimeter. You won't be able to give them away fast enough. I supplied everyone in the neighborhood with pups.

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Lol!!! Great picture.


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nightrider767(San Antonio)

Nice picture Dean. Nice looking group with little wnd damage.

Thanks for those words of encouragement. It's the last time I estimate where to put the cut. Next time I'm going to dig out around the corm and do it the right way.

As for the pup that I planted with zero corm.... Oddly, it's still kicking. I cut the two saggy leaves off to try and conserve moisture in the plant. But the new leaf coming up is still firm and green. It almost seems are if it has grown a bit.

We'll see. In the end,,, I imagine I'll have plenty of banana coming up. And the good thing about banana, unlike pets or kids, if you lose a couple of them, you don't feel bad.

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mfaris(Z8 Ennis TX)

hey are very resilient. I had to completely remove one because it was moving the foundation of my pool equipment. I just threw the corm on the ground and hoped it would die. After a month or so, I noticed it was attempting to sprout a pup. I thought what the heck, and planted it proper on the side of the house. That was 3 years ago..

Here's my contribution...


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nightrider767(San Antonio)

Mfaris,,, no picture.

I was hoping to see a nice big clump.

Looks like my pup is not going to die. I planted it with zero corm and it's been a while. I think the pups have some hideen corm inside their stems...

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Ok go to walmarts and get miracle grow root starter and water by instructions. It saved a couple for me. Good Luck

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