Fargesia Robusta growth

meadel(Z6 NJ)May 31, 2006

I just planted (3) three - 2 gallon containers that are about 1.5 feet tall. I hear that they are " fast growers" , but what does that mean? Will it grow a few more feet this summer? I would like NOT to see my neighbors this year !

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"fast growing" may be only in comparison to other Fargesias. They are clumpers and are well behaved as far as spreading goes. The only growth this year will be some new shoots and those may only be a little taller than the rest of the plant. Once all the shoots have grown, there will be no more height growth on the plant. Next spring you should get more new shoots, which will be taller still, and so on each year after. I'm afraid you will see your neighbors for at least a couple more years, maybe more. Phyllostachys (running bamboo) are much more agressive, it took mine about three years to screen out a 7' tall area. Eric

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meadel(Z6 NJ)

Thanks for the information Eric. I can now stop daily
" measuring " for new growth. I am new to bamboo. My co-worker told me of her running bamboo and how fast it grows so I was imagining mine would be that way too !
I will have to rely upon my faithful cannas to screen out my offending neighbors!

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Embothrium(USDA 8 Sunset 5 WA)

Has been pretty quick for me, now a quite a wall of stems after several years (on moist, heavy soil near a pond).

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